I am back at the Munich Kammerspiele! “Three Sisters/ Drei Schwestern” is premiering April 27th- come and join us!
Drei Schwestern


In August my new Short Film”THERESE” will be shown at the FUSION INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST in Brussels!

 Les Traducteurs will be out in French cinemas starting December 18th!!!
Les Traducteurs en salles le 18 Décembre 2019 !!

Sturm, who was already showing distinctive idiosyncrasies in her first film role, has decided against a conventional career, as well as against security and planning. She does exactly what is not expected of her – and even surprises herself.
— Herrmann Weiss/ Welt am Sonntag
Unfortunately, there are a great number of actors who are convinced that they also have singing talent. Anna Maria Sturm is not one of them.
— Jan Paersch, ARTISTXITE