The shooting for my new french movie is done! I am so happy to be part of such a great team!

 Les Traducteurs

The world premiere of the movie "WACKERSDORF" will be on the 29th of June at the Munich Filmfestival! I will be there and I am already excited...

Wackersdorf/Filmfest München


The 9th of June, I will be on stage for WOMEN IN TROUBLE at the Volksbühne. It´s the last time before the summer break!

Volksbühne Berlin

Sturm, who was already showing distinctive idiosyncrasies in her first film role, has decided against a conventional career, as well as against security and planning. She does exactly what is not expected of her – and even surprises herself.
— Herrmann Weiss/ Welt am Sonntag
Unfortunately, there are a great number of actors who are convinced that they also have singing talent. Anna Maria Sturm is not one of them.
— Jan Paersch, ARTISTXITE